The Minerva Ratings

The Minerva Ratings system analyses every authorised fund that has been running for five years or more and produces a rating for that fund within its sector.

Ever wondered which funds consistently outperform the rest in their sector?

The Minerva Ratings isolate the top funds, identifying those outperforming the rest on a regular basis.

The Minerva Rating System will not give a high rating to volatile funds, as they will not be consistent performers. This means that funds that get to the top of the performance tables by an abnormal spurt in performance will not get as high a rating as a fund that is above average over many distinct time periods.

Could your portfolio be performing better if you invested in consistently good funds?

The funds with the best Minerva Rating are most likely to continue to perform well in the future!

IFA's, Solicitors, Accountants:

  • You can use the Minerva Ratings to help advise clients.
  • Every fund that is more than five years old is rated.
  • The Ratings system can help you in compliance.
  • A consistently performing fund has to be the best!

Click here for more details on obtaining the ratings.

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