The Minerva Ratings in the Minerva Report

A Minerva rating is a unique measure of the consistency in performance of collective investments. Each fund with a five-year performance history is given a rating of between 1 and 10. The best achievable rating is 1, whilst the worst is 10.

The Minerva Ratings appear as a central insert to the New Minerva Report. Each sector of Unit Trusts, Investment Trusts, Offshore Funds and Insurance Funds is displayed in the following example format:

An example sector of UNITS TRUSTS (taken from the May 1999 issue of the New Minerva Report)

Buy Jupiter UK Growth 21.96 19.49 2.9
Standard Life UK Eq Growth Acc 24.89 21.37 3.1
Lloyds TSB Environmental Inv 24.63 24.46 3.2
Sector Average 22.48 16.95 5.0
Sell Abbey Ethical 16.48 7.96 8.6
M&G British Opportunities 23.77 7.12 8.9
Equitable Special Situations 22.61 5.92 8.9

The last three columns are the six month figure (6 Mth), the Minerva Annulaised Yield (MAY) and the Minerva Rating (MinRat). For a detailed explanation of the Minerva Ratings and what these figures mean go to our Minerva Ratings User Guide, in the Minerva Ratings section of our website.

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