The Minerva Report, Professional and Private Investment Advice.

Take a few moments to look through these pages. The Minerva Report is a 'must' read for both the professional and private investor. Your subscription could be one investment you can't afford to overlook!

The Minerva Report is a monthly investment newsletter which specialises in Collective Investments (e.g. Unit Trusts, OEICs, Investment Trusts, Offshore Funds and Life Funds).

  • We give our views on world stockmarkets, and discuss how these could affect your investments.
  • The Minerva Portfolios outline which funds we recommend, and tell you when we would buy and sell.
  • The Minerva Ratings tables show the top and bottom Minerva Rated funds in all the important sectors. Click here for more information on the Minerva Ratings in the Minerva Report.

The Overview of the Minerva Report provides more information about our newsletter, including it's origin and history.

The Minerva Report is currently available through a monthly or annual subscription. Click here for subscription details.

Read some of the investment commentary the Minerva Report has offered in previous years. A selection of articles are available for download, and registered users can browse the Minerva Report Archives.

Want to know what our readers think? Read some of our readers' comments.

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