Overview of the Minerva Report

The Minerva Report

Our informative and concise monthly newsletter is always up to date with the latest in the world's markets. The Minerva Ratings will enable you to make the shrewdest of investment decisions. Unlike most other publications, we have no vested interest in keeping you invested, or encouraging you to buy a product. The Minerva Report is totally independent. We tell it as we see it. If we think the market is going down, we will tell you.

Because of this, we will see you through both the good times and the bad. We have been around for many years, not only before the crash of 1987, but back to the 2 year bear market of 1973/4, when the FT30 share index fell 73.2%. We will give you insights into world stock markets that few can give. We will tell you what signals to look out for. For us protecting your assets is just as important as making gains. 

The History Of Our Newsletter

The Minerva Report was originally published by Fleet Street Publications under the name of the Unit Trust Newsletter. It became the Minerva Report with the introduction of the Minerva Ratings in 1992. In 1997 we took over production of the newsletter, and so was born the New Minerva Report. Throughout this whole time it has been chiefly written by Paul Warner, our Investment Director.

Here is some evidence of the quality of Investment commentary you can expect from our newsletter:

  • In October 1987 in the Unit Trust Newsletter we told readers to "be prepared for a short sharp shock" and also a "pleasant surprise from bonds". On the 19th October investors got both.
  • In December 1993 we told investors in the Far East "Do not be greedy...sell by about the 5th [January]" That was the top price our Far East funds held in that year.
  • In March 2003 we told investors "We think the next big move will be upwards"The day after readers would have received this report (12th March) the FTSE Index closed at a low of 3,287. In three months it rose to 4,207, up 27.9%

Still not convinced?

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